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Team Building

"...employers with a fully engaged workforce tend to have higher profit margins and better performance”

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'Building high energy teams that deliver real results for your business’

To achieve results, organisations need to engage and build high performing teams who have the motivation and drive to deliver success for the business. Whether you need to create business strategies, improve team working, help people to deal with change, improve the performance of a team or take a team to the next level, we can help.


Profiling Tools

Understanding human behaviours and attitudes at work can be difficult and complex. We offer a set of psychometric profiling tools which will help you to understand and maximise human performance at work. Margerison-McCann Team Management Systems (TMS) offer extensively researched and high quality solutions, which will help you to release energies within teams and individuals, enabling them to perform at a higher level. As a result you will have teams that are engaged, motivated and committed to the objectives of the organisation.

Business Benefits and Case Studies -

Case Study: Building Success for the Future


The Team Management Profile

This tool will help you to discover what makes a great team, what roles people prefer to play within a team, why they feel motivated by some tasks and not others and where people are most likely to focus their energies. The Team Management Profile lies at the heart of the system and makes individual development the critical first step to effective team development and places both in the context of business results. A rigorously validated questionnaire provides a 5,000 word report which looks at where your motivation lies, how you can best contribute to team success and how you are likely to lead, manage and link with others who may have different perspectives on the world of work. It can be used with team members, managers and leaders, but is at its most powerful when used to build and sustain high energy teams.

10 good reasons for choosing the Team Management Profile


Linking Skills Profiles

Extensive interviews with teams and team leaders throughout the world highlighted some common skills which are essential to integrate the work of individuals and teams. These are People Linking Skills, Task Linking Skills and Leadership Linking Skills. The Linking Skills Profile is a 360-degree feedback instrument that explores the extent to which you “should” and “do” demonstrate the key behaviours for each linking skill. At least 5 respondents, including yourself, complete an online questionnaire which is analysed by expert software to produce a composite Profile giving feedback on all 13 linking skills. Full colour graphics vividly show the range of responses and a comprehensive narrative report offers clear development guidelines.


Opportunity Orientation Profile (QO2®)

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty person? How do you approach risk, opportunity and the unknown? Are you cautious, moderate, optimistic or even reckless? In a climate of ambiguity, do you see opportunities or just gloom? This Profile benchmarks individual orientation on a risk/opportunity scale which adds a “fifth dimension” of understanding to the Team Management Profile. Exploring these new perspectives helps you understand fears and motivations at work, creates significantly greater understanding of those around you and gives you a model for moving forward with a balanced view of the risks and potential rewards. This profile can be used with teams or for personal coaching and explores critical issues around the management of unknowns for the whole team. It is a useful tool to help individuals and teams deal with the uncertainties of change.


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Matrix Coaching & Development is registered to deliver training for the LEP skills service

The LEP skills service supports small and medium-sized businesses based in the Leeds City Region to grow with support and funding for training. A team of expert advisors will work with businesses to identify their skills needs and help find the right training. Eligible businesses could also receive grants of between £500 and £50,000 to support with up to 50% funding for training costs. Advisors work with businesses to create a robust application for funding, supporting with all paperwork. The training provision is employer-led, enabling businesses to design their own solutions and plug gaps in the market. The funding is available for a limited time.


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