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Sales & Marketing


A valuable measure of success is the volume and value of sales that you make.


At Matrix Coaching and Development, we fully understand that you can only generate profit and cash if you sell the product or service. If your current sales and marketing strategy does not add significant value to your business, we can help.


Dominic has successfully directed multi-million-pound distribution businesses and increased independent trade sales and gross margins year on year through the leadership and development of a multi-channel offer which included, field sales, telesales, web and trade counter teams supported by catalogue and ecommerce marketing. He has also implemented numerous sales transformational strategies which included solution selling and focus on prospecting new business. Whether your dilemma is an existing product, a new product introduction, a margin related issue, entry into a new arena or a declining market, we have the experience, expertise and proven track record of success to help you develop a new strategy.


Sales and Marketing Strategy

By closely analysing your current sales strategy, people, processes and techniques, and by measuring how you connect and communicate with your existing customers and target market, we can help you design and implement a sustainable sales and marketing strategy that will lead to increased sales, revenue and ultimately enhance your company’s profitability.


If you’re not sure whether your sales and marketing strategy needs a review, then try answering the following questions:


  • Are you satisfied with your sales performance?
  • Do you want to maximise your gross margin profits?
  • Would you like a sustainable growth strategy?
  • Are you launching a new service or product?
  • Are you losing market share to the competition?
  • Do your market messages resonate with your potential customers?
  • Do you manage your leads well?
  • Do you have concerns about your sales performance?


Consulting Services

At Matrix Coaching and Developments, we are practical and results-focused. We can work with you and your team within your business help to provide strategic direction and implement a sales and marketing plan.


Contact us now to arrange a free of charge and confidential initial assessment where we can identify future break through sales growth opportunities in your business.


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"We will work with you and your team to provide strategic direction and implement a sales and marketing plan".

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