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We believe that Operational Excellence is the key driver to support the growth and innovation of a business. The traditional view of supply chain focusses on cost reduction and delivery performance, which are obviously important, but through Matrix Coaching extensive experience they will review the whole supply chain from procurement to warehousing and logistics, including Sales and Operational planning, product compliance, inventory optimisation, the manufacturing process (UK and Overseas) and managing distribution channels though 3rd party providers and own transport options. Another important area to consider is that of customer engagement – the opportunity to improve communication can build on the relationship with the customer which will in turn build loyalty and help sell other products/services more easily.


Operational Excellence Strategy

It is important to have a clear, up to date and accurate Operational Excellence Strategy to maximise sales opportunities and minimise costs and working capital.


If you’re not sure whether your Operational plan needs a review, then try answering the following questions:


  • Are your customers satisfied with your service proposition?
  • Do you spend too much time dealing with customer complaints?
  • Is your inventory reducing as a proportion to sales?
  • Is your Operational Expenditure reducing as a proportion to sales?
  • Has all the client communication been fully embedded into the normal delivery processes?
  • Do returns, repair and recycling add profit to the business?
  • Do your internal processes allow for the most cost effective delivery option to be selected before sales orders are shipped?
  • Do you operate Lean Six Sigma processes in your business?


Consulting Services

At Matrix we are experts in Operational Excellence solutions, and have worked at senior management level within industrial services and distribution companies. Our approach is practical and thorough, working alongside the client to gain a full understanding of the processes, issues and problems, and then applying our deep technical knowledge and real-world expertise to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently.


Contact us now to arrange a free of charge and confidential initial assessment where we can identify future break through supply chain opportunities in your business.


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"We apply real-world expertise to deliver sustainable results quickly and efficiently".

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