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Unlocking potential, releasing energy, improving business performance


If you not sure if you benefit from a business coach mentor, then just answer the following questions;


  • Are you working too many hours, including evenings and weekends?
  • Have you lost your passion and know you don’t spend enough time client facing?
  • Are you shackled to the business?
  • Is there never enough cash-flow?
  • Is your sales pipeline low and do your prices need increasing?
  • Are you losing market share to the competition?
  • Do you want to maximise your gross margin profits?
  • Do you feel stressed and unsure which way to turn?


We are a business management consultancy, whose specialism lies in our innovative approach to developing both people and business performance. One of the definitions of a ‘matrix’ in the Oxford dictionary is “a mass of fine-grained rock in which gems, crystals, or fossils are embedded.” Our aim to is to work with you to release those hidden gems of opportunities by challenging conventional thinking in order to overcome obstacles and implement change that will result in sustainable profit and cash growth across your organisation.


Why do the majority of UK SME businesses fail to achieve their true potential?

More than likely it’s because the majority do not have an up to date written down strategy or business plan to help them achieve their goals. In fact, probably the last time they produced a business plan was when they secured some form of finance when they set out, which is now gathering dust somewhere in their office.


After 27 years’ experience in blue chip companies, in 2014 we launched our own business, Matrix Coaching & Development, to tackle this head on. We are passionate about mentoring business leaders to be successful by offering straight forward plain speaking advice and support, not lengthy reports filled with management consultant jargon. At first glance business strategy can seem overly complicated, however with my step by step approach we will walk you through the process which will result in one-page strategy document being produced which then allows you to achieve your vision. You can expect us to get involved, because we know from experience that this is what it will take to help you achieve your vision and release your true potential.


At Matrix we work with ambitious business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them develop sustainable growth and operational excellence acting as their business mentor to keep them accountable.


We work with clients on a one-to-one or interim assignment basis as a strategy expert, mentor and coach to support them in producing and implementing a business transformation plan.


Our vast business expertise, coupled with our skills in mentoring, mean that we are not only a valuable sounding board, but no matter how demanding, stressful or out of control a situation may seem, we will enable you to gain control over your business’s immediate needs and its future development by focusing your business on its priorities and linking your team together. At Matrix we value entrepreneurship, innovation and growth. We are approachable, non-judgmental, we always operate in the strictest of confidence and, above all, we are here to help.


Whichever way they work with us, clients see significant growth in their business results and improvements in their financial rewards and work life balance. For success stories and evidence, take a look at my LinkedIn and Consultant Hub recommendations or check out the testimonials section of the Matrix website.


If you need to tackle these issues, then please connect with us today or call 07969 102755 to have an informal confidential conversation to see how we can best support you.


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"Our aim to is to work with you to release those hidden gems, helping individuals and teams to learn, develop and grow".

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Unlocking potential, releasing energy and improving performance for your business

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